This post is part II of a 2-part series on Dual Use Tech and Accelerating Innovation in the Aerospace and Defense Sector.

In 2019, the United States spent $55 billion on defense R&D. We know surprisingly little about what that funding has achieved. We have no way of measuring its productivity

A couple of weeks ago- April 22, 2021, George Mason University’s Government Contracting Center held a webinar “Measuring R&D Productivity” that sought to explore not only the concept, but how well the defense industry measured up. …

Part of the Deep Tech/Dual Use Series

It’s been 5 years since the launch of the Defense Innovation Unit. DIU’s founding oftentimes is considered a pivotal moment when the Defense Department recognized that it had to source innovation differently. The innovation swell has come a long way. DIUX came in…

Converging Trends In Support of Deep Tech

Over the last few weeks, outside of the key issues of Covid 19, protests and systemic racism, a couple of bills that positively impact Deep Tech Investing have surfaced. trends that speak to our under investment in basic research in important technical domains…

Ellen Chang

Accelerating and Investing in Deep Tech Founders!

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